The large village now called Arrow Heap (pop. 240) lies on the eastern banks of the River Azril in the fertile fields of the Downlands. It is prosperous and fair to look upon... though not to smell since it the centre of the tanning trade in this part of the Borderlands and the distinctive odour has produced many a less complimentry nickname for the village and her inhabitants.

Arrow Heap takes its name from a battle waged there more than thirty years ago. Arrow Heap, then called Pietersburg was the capital of a small principality ruled by the self procalimed Reikland 'bandit king' Pieter Vogel. King Pieter managed to get on the bad side of just about every neighbouring prince who united to send an army against him. The inhabitants of Pietersburg awoke to find hundreds of armed men massing on the other side of the river and their self proclaimed monarch having departed with most of the treasury and the fastest horse in the village. But for seven mercenary archers who bravely remained at their posts the village would certainly have been sacked; as it was the bowmen managed to keep up such a rate of fire that the enemy eventually retreated rather than face more casualties trying to ford the Azril. The delighted citizens promptly chose the name 'Arrow Heap' in honour of their saviours.