Beatrix Fassbender (b. 2497, Nuln) is court wizardress to Großkomtur Mathau Evatt. She lives in the village of Painford.

A tiny village in the Borderlands is an unlikely home for a graduate of the Altdorf Colleges of Magic but Beatrix had a very good reason to leave the Empire.

Beatrix is a Gold Wizard and a good one for her youth or at least she was. As a student she quickly became arrogant and reckless in her power and after wrongly translating a very potent spell Tzeentch decided to teach her a lesson. Ever since then every piece of gold she touches from coins to jewelry to ore turns unfailingly into lead. Needless to say she only just managed to escape Altdorf with her life.

Beatrix makes a living as court wizardress for Großkomtur Evatt (on the condition that she not set foot in Handrich's Cross - more for her safety since the inhabitants would surely lynch her on sight) but while she is well paid (in silver) she is desperately searching for a cure. Recent rumours of some kind of magical library she has heard have definitely piqued her interes...

Physically Beatrix is an attractive woman in her mid-twenties who dresses well and speaks with a pleasant Nuln accent. She has natural blonde hair but since gaining her curse it has turned the colour of lead so she dyes it black.