A forest of sharp-toothed limestone crags, the Black Karst is a strange place. Named for the sooty streaks that run through the stones - perhaps the relics of some ancient fire or volcanic eruption - the rock formations of the Karst jut up from the ground like the broken teeth of a shark, creating a maze of twisting paths between them. Where light can penetrate the natural labyrinth, stunted trees grow in the poor soil, their saplings sprouting in cracks and crevices on the higher flanks of the rocks.

Black Karst

An easy place for an ambush, and an even easier place to get lost, the Karst has been a natural barrier between the warring princes of the Broken Reaches since time immemorial. There is no living to be made in the shadow of the stones, and so they remain a wild place. Those who wish to cross do so either through Pieter's Pass, or by boarding a boat at Putbad and traveling down the Azril.