Bunhafen (pop. 130) is the capital of Eberhard Groz's county, located on the border between the northern Borderlands and the Broken Crags.

Bunthafen is constructed of many large stone blocks, stiffly interlocked rather than mortared together. The main wall and and external portions of the hold are all slate gray in coloration, while the halls and rooms within are vividly colored. There are no braziers or sconces throughouf the hold, instead being lit by light reflected from a central skylight during the day, or by the phosphorescent glow of the walls themselves at night.

According to local legend, Bunthafen fell from the sky in hail of stone, building itself block by block with no apparent instruction. The hold has since then been inhabitted by a succession of short-lived warlords, who's ephemeral success legend attributes to the mysterious and fickle will of the hold itself. The current occupants of the hold, Eberhard Groz and his company, pay little head to the legends though, and whether his reign shall end just as the predecessors' remains to be seen.