Capitani Muzio Sforza, né Vicconte (b. 2491, Tobaro), an up and coming Tilean condotierre, hails from the Vicconte family of Tobaro, an ancient and troubled bloodline. He has staked a claim on the edges of civilization, and changed his name to Sforza, with the hope of starting a new Tilean city state.
Murio Sforza

At one point Muzio's great grandfather, Marco Vicconte, stood a chance at becoming Prince of Tobaro, being among the most likely candidates for the position (that is, he managed to kill most of his rivals without being killed himself). However, due to an errant prophesy that stated that the next prince of Tobaro would suffer a horrible death, the other contenders for the throne voted a pig, named "Prince Piggolo the First" to be prince of Tobaro. Instead of dying horribly, Piggolo lived a long and healthy life; and Marco Vicconte died an old and bitter man long before the end of Piggolo's reign.

For this reason all of the Vicconte bloodline, including Muzio, hate and detest pigs and porcine creatures of all sorts, and pork is forbidden from their households.

Muzio was trained as a soldier from a young age, and joined his father's mercenary army at the age of 17. He quickly rose through the ranks, and on his father's retirement became Capitani of the Compani de Santo Viscount, a powerful condotierri army.

Muzio Vicconte married the beautiful Irene Icaza la Bella when he was 22. It was a political marriage, meant to create a tie between the families Vicconte and Icaza. While Muzio feels genuine love and affection for his beautiful bride, the feeling is not fully capitulated, especially considering recent occurences.

Due to a series of mysterious events, Muzio was exiled from Tilea on pain of death, and lost a great deal of his power and authority. His closest advisers and best soldiers stuck with him, however, and followed him to the Frontier to found a new city-state and start a new house, separate from the disgraced name of Vicconte. He is now Capitani Muzio Sforza dalle Sponda, Lord of the Forsaken Marches.

He has conquered the Black Hills and the region surrounding them, and has declared the village of Mirino his new capital. The villages of Sermena and Isolici also swear him alliegence. From this base he will expand his territory north and east until he has a kingdom to rival the greatest of the Tilean city states.

He expects little opposition, and will tolerate none.