Up until five years ago Handrich's Cross (pop. 130 but growing rapidly) was a tiny crossroad hamlet of Empire descended settlers named Sigmar's Cross from it's location on two crossing roads. That was when Luitpold Bohnen arrived.

Bohnen was originally from Talabecland but became a trader in his uncle's shop in Middenheim (where he adopted the name 'Ulrich' to gain favour with the locals though he was not Ulrican himself being a pious follower of Handrich.) After a few lean years he became a successful merchant but felt he wanted more out of life. It was while on a trip to Wissenland that he had a dream of the merchant god who spoke to him of great riches to be found in the Borderlands - and a great town honouring the deity. Not a man given to whims Bohnen decided to follow his dream for once and to the shock of all (himself included) struck gold. Thus was born the village of Handrich's Cross.

Bohnen himself has since returned to the Empire to marry his true love Elke Grebel, a priestess of Shallya but he is still involved with the swift growing village and his agent is in negotions with Großkomtur Mathau Evatt to grant Handrich's Cross a charter (Bohnen confidently believes immigration will tripple the villages population in under a year and that in a couple of years it will rival Putbad or Alvarran in size.)

Though it has a shrine to the merchant god Handrich's Cross currently has no priest as the church leaders in Marienburg regard Bohnen as a borderline heretic.