Jaardorf (pop. 80) was founded a few years before the arrival of Eberhard by the ever humble bürgermeister Jaar Klein as a new home for his family and the families of his close friends after a disaster which he declines to speak of. Soon after Eberhard's coming to Bunthafen, he and Jaar realized the similarity between their histories and goals, and came to an agreement. Jaar would continue to lead his tiny community, and would host a festival every half-year to bring trade and celebrate the peacefully passing of time. Though at first Halbjahrlichfest hosted trade simply between Bunthafen and Jaardorf, Putbad now brings trade from many a place.

The houses of Jaardorf have grown tall, the highest a towering 7 stories, over the few years, to house the many who come to halbjahrlichfest. Jaardorf earns its keep in three ways. The first is through the formerly stated housing of visitors. The second is the sale of sparkling fireworks, crafted in part from the surprisingly volatile shrubs native to the near scrubland. The third is through trade tax, which is by the the largest portion, and which is split between Jaar and Eberhard, sixty and forty percent respectively.