Mirino (pop. 200) is the capital of Capitani Muzio Sforza's new city state. It is situated on the northeastern part of the Black Hills, east of the Pale Wastes and on the southwest edge of the Iron Claw Hills.

Mirino occupies an important strategic position; the northeastern slope of the Black Hills are steep and difficult to traverse, and the only practical way through is the Winding Pass, a long road that winds up the side of the ridge from the valley that forms the border with the Iron Claw Hills. Mirino is situated at the top of this road, and commands the entrance to the region.

Muzio has chosen this location to be the seat of his new city state, levying a tax on all trade through the Winding Pass, which brings him significant income. He has also constructed a small, but opulent palace. From here, he will expand his territory and found a noble and honorable bloodline. If things go to plan, that is.

Notable Locations

Sforza's Palace:

The Happy Serpent:

Il Chalice D'Oro: