Nahorek is a god local to the Shepherd's Valley and the Downlands, and some of the stories around him are a little confused. They are all handed down orally, with no written documentation. His most widely agreed-upon features are that he is represented by a black dog or jackal, that he has to do with death (with many people saying he sometimes steals the souls of the dead away from Morr, or that he is Morr's pet and intermediary (or both - presenting him as a sometimes disobedient pet)), and that rats are afraid of him. Some people put little jackal effigies in their storehouses to keep vermin out.

The village of Turnpike Hollow has an enigmatic obelisk that possibly has a connection to Nahorek, based on the canine like features still visible in the sculpture.  If so the ancient Nahorek worshippers may have been part of some vanished, advanced civilisation as the obelisk represented a level of craftsmanship beyond that of the hill dwellers.