For many years a prophecy was made that the next prince of Tobaro (a Tilean city state) would die a terrible, terrible death. Not wanting such a fate, the contenders for the office agreed to elect a pig as Prince of Tobaro, named Piggolo the first, to bear the burden of office. Unfortunately for them, the Pig seemed immune from the prophecy, and ruled for many years, to great public acclaim - Piggolo I was known for his lack of corruption and meddling in the city's affairs (a model of laissez faire government), his personal conduct was a relatively moral one compared to previous princes, and in general the public seemed to have a genuine affection for their porcine liege. When the different contenders plotted to execute (or is it slaughter?) the pig, it was made very clear to them that such treason would be punished with summary execution. Thus, Piggolo the I ruled to a ripe old age, when he died by falling off the battlements of his castle while inspecting the guard. While the monarchy has moved on, the people of Tobaro still have a soft spot for their former ruler, and often an unpopular Prince will be reminded of this by the graffiti "Piggolo Lives!" scrawled on the walls.

At one point Capitani Muzio Sforza's great grandfather, Marco Vicconte, stood a chance at becoming Prince of Tobaro, being among the most likely candidates for the position (that is, he managed to kill most of his rivals without being killed himself). He opposed the motion to make Piggolo the prince of Tobaro, and lived in despair and hatred of the Porcine Prince until his death (approximately 2 years before the fall of Piggolo).

For this reason all of the Vicconte bloodline, including Muzio Sforza, hate and detest pigs and porcine creatures of all sorts, and pork is forbidden from their households.