The River Azril (from the Khazalid term for "silvery coloured") is a fast flowing branch of the Howling River. Originating in the World's Edge Mountains the Azril cuts a narrow channel through the rocky landscape of the Broken Crags, widening and slowing slightly as it reaches Putbad. The river plunges spectacularly at Ice Water Falls ino the flatter land to the south west. Most boats on the river trust in pilots from Putbad to get them through this often treachorours stretch where the threat of being capsized or smashed against the rock is ever present.

On the western side of the waterfall the river broadens out and meanders through the fertile Downlands. From the Ice Water Falls to Thornwood the river is full of traffic with trade passing between Savonne and Putbad. Beyond Thornwood the river reaches the old lakebed that is now the forested swamp known as The Bracken Mere.

The village of Rivermouth once lay on the banks of the Azril but was stranded when the river changed course many years ago.

Azriller, the personification of the river is a local minor deity and Putbad houses a small monastery devoted to him.