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(population 3,900) is the largest town in the Broken Reaches and the political and economic centre of the Downlands. It sits on the left bank of the River Azril with a small suburb (Muddyside) on the right bank. A great wooden bridge crosses the river at this point and there is much traffic along the water.

The town is walled and marked by a great black crag of rock - one of the few natural tors in the surrounding landscape. The Rock of Savonne was once home to to the Dwimmulson clan of dwarfs, though in recent years they have abandoned the city. 

The town is known to be very old and has been a long time centre of power. It was formerly ruled by Duke Wulf 'the Mad', before he was overthrown and killed by an Elven mercenary who now holds power.


Muddyside: A cluster of huts huddled on the eastern bank of the Azril, looking across the river as if envious of the buildings on the other side.


The Old Town:

Downs Town  :  Location of Harvester's Haven, a cheap coaching inn. 

North Market: Location of the Duke of Aquitaine, a high quality inn.


South Market:

The Warren: A rough neighbourhood. Location of The Yellow Dog, the cheapest inn in the city, though reputedly of poor quality. 


The Rock of Savonne: A huge black crag that towers over the town. Location of the Dwimmulhold, the now abandoned home of the Dwimmulson clan of dwarfs.

Notable InhabitantsEdit