The Red Pyramid

This silent, ancient structure rises out of the barren expanse of the Pale Wastes, the only landmark for miles around. It is built of stone but stone of a colour not found anywhere close at hand, a deep red that has given cause to local legends it was built with the blood of slaves... literally.

Inside lies the tomb of a Pharoah, or so it is believed by scholars for it matches the design of the royal pyramids of distant Nehekhara. However the hieroglyphs at the entrance have been obscured by ancient chisel work, as if the pyramid had no sooner been completed than it's occupant was damned from memory.

Whatever the truth about who is buried in the pyramid he (or perhaps she) most likely remain undisturbed. Intruders who brave the maze like passageways inside and the fiendish traps so beloved of the Khemrian Liche Priests are quickly struck down by a mysterious disease that has all the hallmarks of the Wasting Pox that raged through Miraglino a century ago before disappearing as suddenly as it began. But what on earth would that plague be doing in an ancient Khemri tomb so many miles from Tilea?